Recently I chatted with Adam to learn a little more about his camp. In 1956, Adam’s dad Joseph opened White Pine for 156 campers.  Many of  the traditions that were started those first few summers are still around today. Campers, staff and their children and grand-children continue to return to camp to be part of Joe’s vision of “Small Group Living.” This rich tradition is why so many people hold Camp White Pine in their hearts as their, “Home Away from Home.”


Buzz: Are you a Resident or a day camp ?

AK: Resident Camp

Buzz: What are your Session lengths?

AK: Full Season ( 7 weeks), Four weeks, three
weeks, two weeks ( for grades 2-3) and Pre- Wee Weekend and Pre-Wee day

Buzz: Did you go to camp when you were a kid?

AK: My father started Camp White Pine in 1956. I grew up spending my summers there as a camper, and eventually as a
staff member.

Buzz: What is your favorite camp activity or special event that happens during the

AK: I love our All- Day program. Each year it has a different theme and
campers are woken up at midnight and introduced to the theme. They
participate in songs, skits, relays, dance, Iron Chef and many great
activities as part of the day. Campers and staff wait all year for this

Buzz:What is unique about your camp?

AK: On average I only hire one or two new
counsellors a year. Campers and staff return year after year , often for
10-20 years. The strong sense of community where everyone is accepted is
very unique.

Buzz: How is Social Media/technology affecting your camp?

AK: On a day to day basis it has not effected camp as we want our campers and staff to be exposed to the
out of doors and have a true ” camp” experience. In our year round office
operation we use Social Media to communicate with our campers, staff and

Buzz: How are you using social media for marketing or to communicate with  families, staff etc?

AK: We are able to reach out more and connect with so many  people through emails, newsletters, twitter, Facebook etc


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